15 Minute Craft Time Killers

From: Parenting Magazine – July 2013 Edition

Rainbow Letters

Write a large alphabet letter on a piece of paper. Give it to your child along with a set of crayons, then have her trace the letter with one color at a time.

Act Out a Nursery Rhyme

It’s a wonderfully simple and fun way to work on listening skills and engage your child’s budding imagination. You can be Miss Muffet and he can be the spider, or you can be the candlestick that Jack jumps over. Other good ones to try: Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty.

Make Sponge Water Balls

Cut a sponge into six long pieces, tie tightly in center with twine or dental floss, then pull and twist pieces into a ball shape.

Simple Bird Feeder

Have your child thread Cheerios or another cereal with holds on a pipe cleaner with the end bent up. Leave some room at the end of the hook, and your bird feeder is ready to hang! He’ll be so excited about feeding the birds that he won’t realize what a great moto-skill workout he’s getting.


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