Love My Kids, Hate My Kids

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids.  What parent doesn’t!  If you have ever met a mother or father who says that they love their children no matter, they are lying! Ask them that same question when little Timmy is up screaming at 3am and they would pay anyone ANYTHING to make him go back to sleep!

So how do I balance this out and try to keep my sanity.  I remind myself that I must love my children, but I don’t have to like them.  I am the mother of two wonderful little boys that are POLAR opposites (which makes discipline a barrel of laughs.)

My oldest is seven years old and if I could describe him, the word “eccentric” comes to mind. He is about as introverted as they come but the kindest, sweetest little boy a mother could ask for.  He has his moments of defiance (especially when I say we are not eating pizza, again, for the 12th time this week) but backs down fairly quickly.

My youngest…wow…my youngest.  He would have made Al Capone look like a freakin’ saint! My youngest is the spawn of Satan.  The devil brow doesn’t help that argument.  All kidding aside, my youngest is so sweet but man is he mean! I actually watched him “shank” his brother with a toy train yesterday because he wanted the Leap Pad! I mean without hesitation this kid literally tried to stab his brother with a toy train!

As you can see, my children are nothing alike.  My youngest bullies my oldest and runs this house.  Am I afraid of my youngest child, yes…yes I am! I am afraid of his vindictive side.  When I refuse to give him his favorite foods, he will not let me sleep that night.  Do I give in to his demands, of course not! I am not in it to raise tiny little a-holes but that doesn’t mean he is going to say “Ok Mom, you win.  I will be nice.” May I remind you that he is THREE! He just says “Game on” and makes my life a living hell.

What an introduction, right? I will warn you that I won’t post regularly and that my writing isn’t a 10 but I am a mother who needs a place to vent about her darling children and I figured, why not.  Everyone is doing it!  Sorry, had to say it.


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