My Little Banshee

Three year olds are annoying. For those of you who are surviving the “Terrible Twos” – be warned, three is called “Terrible twos with intent”. They start messing with you on purpose!

My three year old has to be the center of attention all…the…time! It is exhausting but he is who he is so it is what it is. The biggest problem is that we can’t keep up with him.  If I want to give my oldest a hug, my youngest knocks him out of the way and dives into my arms.  If my oldest is hurt, my youngest will start fake crying so he can get the attention!

Lately, he has decided that he wants to revert back to being a baby. He won’t talk but squeaks and points at things. Keep in mind that my son has an amazing vocabulary, has been talking since he was one, and at his two year check-up, the doctor was speechless that he was already forming 3-4 sentences (not 3 to 4 word sentences but freaking paragraphs and having a conversation!)

We hold out and make him use his words when he is having his moments and wants to be cute (or I threaten to send him to his room).  Usually that makes the “act” subside for a little bit but then he is back at it.

On top of that, he has started being a siren when he doesn’t get his way.  He actually walks around the house wailing, no tears, no real crying, just “waahaa, waahaa, waahaa” until I finally say “Do you want to go to your room?” and it magically stops!

Someone once told me that if they are terrible when they turn two, they calm down by the time they turn three.  If they start acting up mid-two, they will call down mid-three.  If they are amazing when they are two, you are screwed for age three.  This child started terrorizing everyone and everything (don’t even get me started on the poor dog) at 18 months and hasn’t slowed down yet!


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